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I specialize in helping busy women prioritize themselves and repair their relationship with food.

I help people with hectic schedules simplify their fitness & nutrition routine with less stress.

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remote personal training, virtual health coach, online fitness trainer

When Chris started, his only real goal was to get in better shape to catch up with his outdoor adventure partner and compete better. Shortly after, he realized he wanted to alleviate some annoying aches and pains, learn proper nutrition, and just generally incorporate a workout routine into his already active lifestyle.
Chris has gained an understanding of what a healthy meal looks like specifically for him, without having to constantly track calories and make healthy nutrition a stressful experience.
Through our assessments, we figured out some of the root causes of his aches and pains, some have totally gone away while others are more persistent, but the frequency of them affecting his life and movement is much lower because he has done a great job of changing some behaviors causing the issues.
He is incredibly active with any and all outdoors activities, and he not only wanted a program to strengthen his abilities in all of those, but also a routine he could sustain which would help him in living a long healthy life. He is now in a consistent routine and feeling stronger and healthier each week!

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Alejandra first came to me to get ready for her wedding just a few months later.  She originally just wanted to take her physique to the next level.  Along the way we talked about the importance of a healthy mindset and stress management to make both her progress and her life easier and more pleasant.  When Alejandra began she, like most people, had a negative relationship with certain foods.  Specifically carbs.  As the media had told her, she believed that there were “good” and “bad” foods which meant there were things she was “never allowed to eat again” if she wanted to be fit.  Throughout her entire journey she never needed to follow a strict meal plan, eliminate foods (unless they made her sick) or deal with restrictive rules.  We worked through guidelines to build simple and balanced nutrition habits into her day-to-day.  Things she continues to maintain with little effort.   She’s at a point now where she rarely feels guilty about the occasional indulgence and she genuinely enjoys eating rich whole foods.

Alejandra also happens to have a very high-stress job that she works VERY hard to be successful in.  And we continue to work every day on the ever fluctuating schedule and stress from her hectic and demanding career.  We’ve built a routine that helps her sleep better and gives her the tools to handle stress as it comes her way without feeling as suffocated as she once felt.  Yes she deals with obstacles every week and sometimes every day.  Yes the fatigue from her stress still weighs on her and gets in the way of her ideal fitness schedule.  But she’s much more equipped to emotionally handle those stressors with a healthy routine, built in time for self-care and a nutrition and fitness regimen that fuels her rather than adds more stress to her life.  Since she began her journey, not only did she look beautiful at her wedding, she maintains a healthier mindset and is comfortable with eating a variety of foods and enjoying her life! 

Health coach, wellness coach, online health coach

Riley started working with me to increase his strength, specifically in a particular exercise, as well as to work toward a very specific body composition goal.  Along the path to those initial goals in the first few months we worked to improve his nutrition habits, quality of movement and gain a better understanding of what living and moving optimally looks like.  Along his journey in the past couple of years, he’s stronger than he’s ever been, has a deep understanding of his body, what works and what doesn’t and consistently reaches his goals with only small changes to the foundation of habits we built early on.  Riley by anyone’s standards is highly athletic and though fitness is something he’s passionate about, focusing on his routine only consumes as much of his life and time as he wants it to.  As anyone at this level of athleticism would, he’s had a couple of major set-backs, and we’ve worked through injuries, but as frustrating as it is he’s able to bounce back effectively and understands the process enough to be patient when struggling through an obstacle.  He’s still yet to set a goal he didn’t achieve!

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Juliana was looking for help in implementing a workout routine and consistent eating into her lifestyle. She didn’t have any specific goals, just wanted to learn how to become consistent and live a healthy, active life.

We have learned what things she does and doesn’t enjoy as far as working out, and what things are the best fit for still challenging her, but not putting her body in harms way. Both of these are vital in maintaining consistency, and through trial and error we have figured out both! 

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