The New year comes and goes every year as a time of reflection on the previous year (okay maybe we just forget about last year SHEESH) and setting goals for the new year.

This includes our fitness and wellness goals. Wanting to be more active, hit the gym more, eat healthier, etc. All great!

The problem is that the majority of the goals set are just set arbitrarily, with no direction, benchmarks, or consideration of whether they are realistic for you and your life.
[To learn more about the specifics of Goal Setting we wrote check out this post]

In addition to lack of planning, this is done with an all or nothing mindset which can set you up for failure as well.

Example: “I want to lose “x” pounds by “‘insert month.’”

Okay great!! The most common roadblock people run into rapidly waning motivation. That looks something like this; They're super motivated the first few weeks of January, hitting the gym 5-6 times a week, eating perfectly, chugging water, etc. But then they hit a wall of burnout, or maybe they miss a planned workout and say "Welp I missed a workout this week is a bust, I’ll get back to it next week",  and fall back into old habits and sure enough by Feb or March, they are saying “ah, I gave it a go, I’ll get it next year.”

Sound like you?

This is the all or nothing mindset rearing it’s ugly head. Tons of motivation and a Go! Go! Go! mindset can is great! But there’s not much balance if something doesn’t go as perfectly as planned.

Guess what, life will make sure it does not go as planned. It’s inevitable! So it’s okay if your nutrition or exercise does not go exactly as planned, the biggest thing is making choices that are slight improvements over what you’ve made in the past.

It doesn’t always have to be that picture perfect meal: chicken, rice, broccoli, ultra organic, zero processed, sustainably sourced blah blah blah.

Here’s what change really looks like: Not getting enough veggies? Add a salad or side of veggies to a meal you are comfortable and can maintain. Drink a little more water, go for more walks than you’re used to, etc.

Focus on small improvements and build on those over time, and remember it’s a marathon not a sprint!


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