So how exactly do you make sure that your fitness and wellness routine is 100% life proof? First let me paint a picture for you:


health and wellness coach, health coach, wellness coachSo you’ve decided this is the year or the month you finally get together a plan to take action and make a change.  You sit down and devote real time and effort into mapping out the perfect routine.

You decide you’ll workout in the mornings before work Monday through Friday.  Strength training Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Yoga Tuesday & Thursday.  Then morning cardio every Saturday and you have all day Sunday for grocery shopping & meal prep.

Oh and of course you’ll add in some extra stretching every night for your self care.

Oh and maybe let’s add a few minutes of meditation every morning too! You’ve done it! You’ve created your perfect fitness program!  It has everything, you’ll definitely reach your goals this time with such an amazing routine.

The next morning you’re off to a great start, you wake up and start with 5 minutes of meditation & head to the gym for your workout.  Then you head to work feeling great, lunch in hand.

You sit down at your desk and see the deadline for your current project has been pushed up.  You’ll have to work all weekend, but that’s ok you should still be able to squeeze in your cardio and meal prep.

By the time you get home you’re exhausted and can’t bring yourself to move & go straight to bed and pass out, no time to stretch.  The next morning you start meditating but 2 mins in your kids comes running in asking you to help them pick out clothes for school, you still make it to the gym but your workout is rushed.

By the end of the day you decide maybe it’s better to just try to start over on Monday.

Any of this sound familiar?  The problem so many people run into isn’t that they just can’t commit, can’t figure out the right routine or can’t stick to a schedule.  It’s that they plan a routine based on everything going perfectly.

Unfortunately that’s not how life works, things will go wrong and they’ll go wrong often.

So instead of planning a perfect routine, plan a routine assuming everything will go wrong all day, every day.  This ensures that you’ll at least be able to stick to your original plan.  Then just keep a list of bonus activities you can throw in here and there when things work out and you have a few minutes to spare.

So let’s look at how we could adjust the routine above to make it a little more lifeproof.

It sounds like this person, let’s call them Anna; works in a field that will occasionally demand long hours and weeks.  So it’s probably better to keep weekend activities to a minimum.

Morning workouts are a great choice though to ensure she got it done before the rest of her day got in the way.  A 5 day program can be tough to stick to with a variable schedule so let’s scale it back to 3 days a week, keeping yoga as a bonus activity.  And maybe the morning meditation would work better after she got to the gym (either pre or post workout) to avoid outside interruptions.

As for the cardio, perhaps instead of planning the long cardio session on the weekends split it up into 10mins after every workout while she’s already there.  Saturday morning cardio can be another bonus activity.  The evening stretch routine would also fall under the “bonus activity” category.

As for meal prepping on Sundays, this could still work, but it seems like it would be a wise choice to plan grocery pickup or delivery in advance or stop by the store on the way home one evening while she’s already out.

And to keep the prep itself simple Anna might want to have a list of plan A & plan B prep recipes.  Plan A would involve more in depth prep work that could take a few hours.  Plan B is made up of purely quick 1 pot or 1 pan recipes so she can get everything done in an hour or less.

And above all, Anna should never be afraid of mindfully chosen healthy frozen meals to keep stocked for the worst case scenario weeks

Looking at this new routine, it still has all the same components as the original plan with a lot more built in flexibility.

Flexibility = Consistency = Success!

To implement this yourself start by writing down a list of all the things your “perfect” fitness routine would include.  Then rate each item a 1, 2 or 3 based on how important they are to you reaching your goals.

Your 1s are the first thing you fit into your schedule,

2s should be attached to the 1s just like we attached the meditation & cardio to the workout to make her more likely to get it done.

The 3s are your bonus activities that would be a nice addition but won’t necessarily make or break your routine.

Before mapping everything out take a moment to try to remember the busiest, most chaotic week of your life.  Looking back, how would you have fit these wellness activities into what little time you had that week?  Use that as the base for your schedule and from here just fill in the blanks!


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