There’s so much misinformation about Nutrition nowadays, especially in the age of Instagram influencers and websites chasing clicks for the latest and hottest trend. 

That stuff is easy to sell (which is why it’s everywhere) but a waste of time and money for you.

Those magical solutions may bring you results fast, but at what cost? What hell did you have to go through? And did the results actually stick around? Or did you find yourself right back where you started, or even worse? 

Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as they all want you to believe, and you don’t have to make any massive changes to your daily nutrition to reach your goals! 

Start Small

It’s all about baby steps, no matter where you currently are in your nutritional habits. That’s how we get those results to actually stick!

I am all about meeting my clients where they are, and taking the baby steps from there, not trying to force all of them into a cookie cutter routine.  

So, I wanted to take one of my go to fall meals, chili, to demonstrate how you can take baby steps without eating over the top, unrealistically “clean” meals, and still eat healthy!

Try one one of the following:

  • Instead of Canned Diced tomatoes; chop up fresh ones! Less preservatives and sodium. An even smaller baby step would be opting for low/no sodium canned goods.
  • Instead of ground beef, try an alternative like bison, ground turkey, chicken, etc. Or if you really love your ground beef,  just aim for a higher lean/fat ratio of 90/10. 
  • Black beans from bag instead of canned chili beans; same benefits as above with diced tomatoes, getting out of the canned goods which tend to be more processed and getting a bit more fresh. 
  • Make it colorful! Add a bell pepper, a red onion, celery, peppers if you like it spicy, etc. Get the most bang for your buck out of it! 

You can see that in just one meal there are so many different ways you can improve the quality of that meal and make it just one small step healthier than it previously was? 

I encourage all my clients to take this approach with all their meals/behaviours, and I want you to do the same!  

Even if you are not currently in the habit of cooking at all you can apply this same concept of baby steps to ordering in or going out to eat for lunch at work. 

Do you get a burger with fries and soda everyday for lunch? Lets get a cup of water as well so we can start improving your hydration, or maybe add a side salad to that meal to get some vegetables in your day. 

Getting a salad with crispy chicken? Try opting for the grilled chicken instead, and then eventually going with a lighter dressing option such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar mix, etc. 

The possibilities are endless! Notice how much healthier you can be without totally uprooting or disrupting your current behaviors? Notice how I am not slapping “bad” foods out of your hand, rather I am encouraging you to add more quality ones? 

This is a much healthier approach not only physically but also mentally, and will get you started on the path to change that actually lasts and is not yet another yo-yo diet. 

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