Let me be brief. Regardless of whether or not you’re “at risk” doesn’t mean you should be willing to cause harm to others. I personally am not in a high-risk age group, being healthy is my job and I take Vitamin C every day so chances are, infected or not I’ll be alright. However, I do NOT want to contribute to the spread of this virus. I do NOT want to put the health of my loved ones at risk, and I certainly do NOT want to be the reason someone else loses a loved one. Even if indirectly. I’m sure you don’t either. You don’t want to be the reason someone loses their mother, grandfather or 22-yr-old sister battling cancer. So why not be safe and take some coronavirus precautions if for no reason other than to stop listening to mass panic over a virus.

Underastanding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Again I’ll be brief. A recent study comparing this virus to other familiar health concerns note that the virus is more fatal than swine flu and Zika based on fatality rates (percentage of those infected that have passed). However, it is less deadly than it’s relative SARS. COVID-19 as we know now is not an airborne virus, however, it can survive for a period of time on hard surfaces which is not always the case with contagious viruses. It is also transmitted via touch and bodily fluids. Though studies have thusfar shown that it isn’t likely to be transmitted through sweat let’s just be safe and avoid all bodily fluids.

Coronavirus Precautions

Most of this is just basic hygiene kicked into overdrive. Which means most of these are habits we should be practicing daily regardless or the threat of the coronavirus.

All of the precautions listed below are pulled directly from cdc.gov

1. WASH your hands
Yes this seems obvious but let me point out something I saw today at Walgreens. I went in to make sure I had a bit of extra handsoap and planned to grab hand sanitizer if possible. I expected both to be in low supply. Unfortunately only the hand sanitizer was out of stock but hand soap supply was fairly intact. PLEASE understand handsanitizer is NOT superior to properly washing your hands for 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer is great in a pinch but you should still immediately wash you hands properly ASAP. So for the sake of humanity go buy some f***ing soap!

2. Reduce human contact
This does not just mean to avoid physiclaly touching another person but also consider all the objects in the world that have been touched by others. As strange as this may sounds and feel but when you’re out there stockpiling be sure to wipe down canned and boxed food, tp wrapper etc with disinfectant wipes ASAP and thoroughly thoroughly wash any produce. Personally I’m sticking with frozen veggies for the time being.

3. Even if you’re 99.99999% certain it really is just a cold or allergies stay the F*** away from people
I cannot stress enough how selfish and irresponsible it is to subject other people to your germs. No one is impressed by how “strong” you are for your ability to sneeze on people in the grocery store or cough on our produce. Avoid people, seek medical treatment and stay the hell home!

Again these are the most BASIC of precautions. The CDCs preventative page is linked above where you can find guidance specific to your community, career and lifestyle.

So please, stay healthy and stop for a moment to think about more than just your own mortality.

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