If you feel you have lost control of your life and lead a high stress lifestyle, we can help you regain control and manage stress, without sacrificing your success.

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What is Platinum Coaching?

Our Platinum coaching package is the pinnacle of virtual wellness coaching.  This package is intended to bridge the gap between in-person coaching and typical online fitness programs.   This system is ideal for anyone who either wants or needs a personal trainer but can't fit it into their budget or schedule or someone transitioning from in-person training to virtual coaching.  It allows the same constant contact you would expect from hiring a coach in your gym. And if we're being honest, we believe this system is actually more successful for most people than seeing a trainer in person.  This system allows you to receive as many professionally designed workouts as you want and need to reach your goals, without taking away from time devoted to lifestyle and nutrition change.  This means you can spend the time in the gym really focusing on your workout and progress without the distraction of someone standing next to you watching, cueing or chatting.  All the while knowing that you receive the all-import time to just talk things out with your coach every week. Platinum coaching allows us to really delve into the obstacles you're dealing with during your consults while still affording plenty of uninterrupted time to yourself!

How does Gold Coaching Work?

Our Gold Coaching is the next best thing for those that don’t feel that Platinum coaching would be the best fit.  This system works best for anyone that needs a little less direct guidance. If you either don’t expect to have many questions throughout the week or you’re comfortable waiting until the end of the week to have all of your questions answered, Gold coaching will likely be a good fit for you.  With our Gold system contact with your coach occurs entirely via email and in-app messenger. Throughout the week you can freely submit questions through our messenger, then at the end of each week, your coach will review and answer all of your questions, within reason, via email. This email will also include additional guidance and suggested habits to work on throughout the week based on your progress and current obstacles or concerns.  Through our Gold system, you can still expect to receive unlimited personalized and science-based workouts as well as general nutrition & lifestyle guidance.

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Would Silver Coaching Work for Me?

There are two package options with the Silver coaching system, you can either opt for ‘exercise only’ or ‘nutrition only’.  The Silver system works best for anyone that already feels comfortable working out and generally know their way around the gym but would like the comfort of knowing their program is personalized to them and designed by a professional.  Or for someone who feels that their fitness routine would be perfect if they could just get a better handle on their nutrition. The Silver ‘exercise only’ system includes unlimited personalized workouts but does not include coaching or direct guidance from your coach.  On the other hand the Silver ‘nutrition only’ system is nothing but coach guidance. With the ‘nutrition only’ system you’ll receive a nutrition action plan and accompanying habits to work on from your coach to begin your program. Beyond that you’ll receive weekly written check-ins and guidance as well as a 30min monthly video call from your coach to check your progress, discuss obstacles and establish new habits or change existing ones.

*Please note this program is not intended to achieve significant weight loss or body transformation.  The silver program can help you establish basic habits or maintain the progress you've already achieved through a different tier of coaching.

What is The Elite Coaching Experience?

The elite experience is unique and unmatched.  Elite coaching treats every client like a celebrity.  If you're looking for a luxury experience this is the choice for you.  Contact us for more details and to schedule your movement and lifestyle assessments.

Elite Online Personal Training

Elite Coaching

A coaching experience for those who refuse to settle.  If you're looking for coaching on par with professional athletes, models and celebrities the elite experience is the path for you.

The pros work not just with a single coach but a team of specialists.  That's what the Elite package offers

Platinum Coaching

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Ideal for clients looking for a complete lifestyle change. This style of coaching provides guidance on exercise, nutrition, stress & time management, sleep quality and overall wellness & self care. 

Gold Coaching

For anyone who feels that  exercise & nutrition guidance is enough. If you have a handle on your stress, sleep and generally feel like you lead a healthy lifestyle but simply need guidance on exercise & nutrition this is the best fit.

Silver Coaching

If you feel like you have a handle on your health, are already in a set routine and you're just looking for a customized exercise program or need the support from a nutrition specialist the silver package best meets your needs.