How Do Our Programs Work?

A good wellness program should be so much more than just diet and exercise.

Our approach to coaching is based in both science; to ensure your workouts are safe and effective, and psychology; to guide you through adopting nutrition and healthy habits that last a lifetime.  That's why it's not by accident that all of our programs are virtual.

Behavior change psychology suggests that encouraging autonomy is the best way to see lasting change in habits and lifestyle.  As coaches we're best utilized as guides to ensure you're safe.

We're here to develop effective movement programs, help you prevent injury or pain, to be a resource to answer questions, and act as a constant support system for reassurance and accountability.

That being said, if you want permanent progress, and permanent results then autonomy in your wellness habits it's vital.  Our programs aim to encourage that autonomy and empowerment in your wellness routine.

That is the benefit of a virtual approach, we're always here for you every step of the way.  Here to help you figure out why you don't feel like going to the gym, why your back hurts, and why you struggle to eat healthy.  We give you all the tools to work through those obstacles.  But, when the time comes to get up and workout, to make a healthier choice for lunch, that's on you, that's always going to be on you.

By keeping your coach at arms length you're forced to develop that intrinsic motivation, to empower yourself to do this by yourself.  With traditional training, we found so many clients (at least 80%)  would drag themselves to their sessions and check out the rest of the time.  We don't want that for you.  We want you to find the path to one day truly not need us!

So which program is right for you?

We believe in meeting our clients where they are in their wellness journey.  That's why we suggest choosing a coaching program based on your goals and needs.

Basic Exercise Program

For those looking for just a safe and effective workout routine.  If you're already consistent with your sleep, stress, nutrition, and healthy habits and have a stable workout routine this might be the best choice for your program.

Basic Habit Change Program

If you're confident in your current workout routine but feel that you could really use a little extra support in your nutrition and wellness habits this is the perfect choice.

*please note, this is not the best choice for those looking for significant and/or rapid weight loss (more than 15lbs).

Advanced Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

If you're seeking reliable and professional guidance on choosing healthy habits and improving your nutrition in addition to a workout program this could be a good fit.  This program is best for those that do well sticking to a plan with 90% consistency with minimal outside support.

Total Lifestyle Change Coaching

This is by far our most popular program for the average person looking to live with healthy habits, change their lifestyle, and reach all of their fitness goals.  If you're looking to make a significant and permanent change in your lifestyle this is the way to go.  For those that want constant support, guidance, and accountability on everything fitness and wellness from a coach you can trust this is the best program for your needs.


This program is designed for professional or aspiring professional athletes.  This program leaves no stone unturned.  If you're an athlete, aspiring athlete or looking for a luxury coaching experience this program is the best choice!

Not sure? Book a Call with us and we'll help you figure it out!