Let’s start by making one very important point. Starving yourself, excessive exercise to burn calories, force feeding and/or restrictive food are not healthy nor effective strategies to have a healthy holiday season. Though these tips are unfortunately very common all they lead to is more stress, binge eating, a broken relationship with food and a pretty unpleasant holiday season.

Rather than a serious or strict & stressful strategies, in our guide you’ll find simple steps that encourage a healthier mindset and natural appetite regulation. As you work toward implementing these healthy holiday strategies remember that reduced guilt means more manageable cravings, healthier habits and a more efficient metabolism. So follow these steps with confidence and listen to our body’s signals along the way to know when, what and how much to eat, move or rest.

For those that missed our last article check out 5 Steps to Overcome Holiday Stress and learn to reduce stress and seasonal fatigue this year!

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