Why are bedtime routines important?

Our bodies and minds function through patterns and thrive in routines. Creating a routine for just about anything will improve the efficiency. We all know that’s the reason assembly lines are so effective. If you work an assembly line and put lids on bottle you become more efficient at that task. Creating a bedtime routine will therefore make you better at sleeping, and more specifically falling asleep & staying asleep. The reason for this is it helps send signals for biologically functions such as melatonin. If you perform the same 2 or 3 activities before bed every night you’ll find y9ou start to feel tired the moment you begin. Your brain sees what it’s going on outside and basically says “oh shit that’s the signal, start up sleep sequence!”

How to start sleeping better now!

So of course as you’ve gathered by now getting your body to pick up on those patterns does take a little time and consistency (usually about a 2-3 weeks). Fortunately there’s one thing that will pretty much immediately improve you sleep quality. And that is reducing blue light, especially before bed but if possible throughout the day as well. No that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your tech during the day. Simply turn on the blue light filter that most modern phones & tablets have and if possible get a pair of blue light glasses to use as often as you can when looking at all other screens. Before bed however I would recommend completely putting away screens at least for the last 30mins before trying to fall asleep.
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Now of course there’s more to a bedtime routine than just screens. The list below provides several options you can incorporate. Don’t try to implement all of these though. Pick one at a time to implement each week until you have a routine you enjoy. And don’t try to do too much every night, that can just get stressful and overwhelming. For example my routine is only 2 steps: skin care and reading. Most of my clients also only have 2 or 3 as well.

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Hope to see you there, until then….
Sweet Dreams!