What to Expect From Our Basic Exercise Program

We understand that not everyone searching for exercise and fitness advice is also searching for a health coach or personal trainer, they are just looking programs for the best way to lose weight or how to build muscle. These people simply want a workout routine that's safe, effective and designed by a professional.

I mean let's be honest, one-size-fits-all workout programs will only get you so far.  Eventually, you'll need something uniquely designed for your body that progresses as you do.

That is exactly what this program is for.  Prior to creating your program your coach will assess your movement and your goals.  We will then build an exercise program that's uniquely designed for your needs. The best way to lose weight for one person is a lot different for another person. Our assessments take away all the guess work and ensure you are on the correct path for success.

Though this is not a wellness coaching program your coach will still be there to answer questions related to goals, pain/injury and make adjustments to your program as often as necessary to ensure it continues to match your needs and challenge you.

Price Structure

12month 6 month Month-to-Month


Paid Annually

Clients who sign a 12month agreement have the option to switch to a month-to month plan at the end of their term and keep their 12month rate for life!

12month 6 month Month-to-Month (1)


Paid Every 6 Months

If you're not ready to commit to a full year but still want a little discount, 6 months is the perfect fit!


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12month 6 month Month-to-Month (4)

$300 / Month

Paid Monthly

Not comfortable with the commitment or just want to try a few months first?  Not a problem!

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