Is Advanced Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Right for You?

This structure is for a very specific individual. This isn't a fitness and nutrition coaching structure that is intended to meet the needs of the majority.

Something we've learned over the years, having worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world and walks of life is that not everyone truly needs a hands-on coach.  While yes constant contact with your coach is ideal for most and especially at the beginning of your wellness journey, for some it's crippling.

We've worked with clients that begin to almost develop a dependency on us as coaches. They never develop any independence in their program. Some even feel suffocated or harassed by frequent check-ins or calls.

If you're already established in your wellness journey, you're at least 60% consistent with your exercises, nutrition, and wellness habits, and just need some professional guidance to take your routine to the next level this might be the best fit for you.  You'll receive all the fitness and nutrition guidance you need without being overwhelmed by extra appointments or unnecessary check-ins.

Unsure? Look through this checklist:
☐ Do you currently work out at least once every week?
☐ Are you currently preparing or deliberately plan for healthy meals 50% of the time?
☐ Is there an active hobby that's an important part of your life?
☐ If you're given a to-do list, program or nutrition plan can you confidently stick to it with 90% consistency?
☐ Get at least 7 hrs of sleep most nights
☐ Do you understand the importance of stress management strategies and try to incorporate them regularly?
☐ Happy with slow steady progress?
☐ Confident in your ability to execute but feel you need guidance and specifically what you need to do to reach your goals?

If you said yes to at least 6 of those questions, this coaching program is likely a good fit for you.


Advanced Fitness and Nutrition Price Structure

12month 6 month Month-to-Month


Paid Annually

Clients who sign a 12 month agreement have the option to switch to a month-to month plan at the end of their term and keep their 12 month rate for life!

12month 6 month Month-to-Month (1)


Paid Monthly

Perhaps you're not ready to commit to a full year but still want a little discount, 6 months is the perfect fit!


12month 6 month Month-to-Month (4)

$400 / Month

Paid Monthly

Not comfortable with the commitment or just want to try a few months first?  Not a problem!

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